3 Star Hotel in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay twice been honored as the wonders of the world by World Heritage UNESCO. Halong Bay with splendid mountain scenery, beautiful river as a wearing picture, Ha Long is the dream of many domestic and foreign tourists. Located on the banks of the beautiful Halong Bay, Cong Doan Hotel is the ideal destination for tourists to travel to Ha Long Bay. This is one of the 3 star hotels in Ha Long, Quang Ninh with luxurious décor and modern like a magnificent castles invite tourists. Here, you will enjoy a pleasurable feeling full when any given time of the day at this resort, you can also “embrace” the poetic beauty of the majestic Halong Bay.

3 star hotel in halong bay
3 Star Cong Doan Hotels Halong is a 3 star hotel in Ha Long, Quang Ninh is located very convenient for travel, sightseeing and swimming. This is a 3 star hotel in Ha Long Ha Long, Quang Ninh favorite with visitors. The hotel has 60 luxurious rooms, fully equipped, suitable equipment and high standards. With a staff of enthusiastic, well-trained hospitality and style basically the same dedicated service, attentive sure to make you satisfied at this time.
System premises 3 star hotel in Ha Long, Quang Ninh was designed Western-style luxury and modern, but still did not take away the beauty characteristic of Asian culture. Each of the hotel’s room is 38 – 40m2 sea – pool and Bai Chay Bridge side. Fully furnished rooms with airy, luxurious interiors, flat screen TV, satellite TV with a wide variety of entertainment channels, safety deposit box, mini bar and refrigerator , air conditioning systems, water heating and central heating, health scale, shoehorn, clothes brush, tea, coffee … Especially, Superior sea View room also gives you the opportunity to enjoy and admire the spectacular natural beauty of Halong Bay at any time of the day. Halong radiant dawn or quiet, romantic sunset, all will be the mark that you can not forget linger in the memory.

3 star hotel in halong bay
When booking room in 3 star hotel in Ha Long, Quang Ninh, you will get natural splendor of Halong Bay, and is looking at beautiful sea when wake up every morning. This is considered to sightseeing tourists can relax after 1 week of hard work can be immersed in nature and boundless sea. 3 Star Hotels in Ha Long, Quang Ninh this most rooms have large airy windows so visitors can watch the sea every morning waking. What’s even more wonderful when the resort is the ideal hotel.

3 star hotel in halong bay

If visitors wish to organize conferences, seminars solemn sound system, modern lighting, convenient layout will also serve visitors. Cong Doan Halong Hotel is honored to welcome many conferences and seminars of businesses and organizations in the country. Besides, hotet’s swimming pool, multipurpose gym full of modern equipment and a team of professional masseurs, definitely 3 star hotel in Ha Long, Quang Ninh will bring tourists relax after a tiring hour tour.

Besides, the hotel also offers guests the relaxing services of beauty treatments and body care products only available here. With a style dedicated service and professional hotel Cong Doan Ha Long, Quang Ninh promises to stop but all visitors travel Halong not to be missed. Wishing you a most memorable vacation.

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